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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day,
teach a man to fish and you feed his family for a lifetime.

About Zeand Fishing
Zeand Fishing details

​Zeand Fishing is the ultimate fishing trip,  and yet its also a starting point for anyone who would like to try fishing.​

It's a voyage that blends local history, Zen philosophy,  Maori kaitiakitanga practices and science in with a cooperative fishing challenge.​

It's as much about reaching that point astronauts in space describe as 'an overview' experience, as it is about catching a fish.​

If we honor the fish and fisheries by  doing something for it then we will create an abundant future.  ​

So if you are an experienced fisher and want to discover the secrets to catching really big fish or if you've never been fishing before, then this is the voyage for you.

Opotiki is very close to many beautiful rivers, bays and largely deserted beaches. A closer look and with some guidance you will discover how you can easily survive by knowing what to harvest, how and when.

No experience needed. Zeand Fishing guided fishing trips take you through the complete cycle, from catching a fish (or havesting shell fish), processing it and even onto cooking it right on the beach or back at The Wharf Hub.

Zeand Fishing details.

There's five exciting parts to our 'Zeand Fishing' trip. (allow around 5 hours)​

Firstly we meet at 16 Wharf Street, Opotiki, NZ and are introduced to the local history the area and its fishing past. Fortunately theres a long Youth Art mural and Historic Society story board set on the Opotiki Wharf to act as springboards. We'd like to hear about fishing in your area too. This stage we think of as 'centering' , coming to know our place in the history of fishing the area.​

Our next stage is one we describe as 'honoring the fish'. In Maori cultural terms 'utu' is a concept of reciprocation or balance.  If we don't do anything for the fisheries except take, is it really surprising that our catch quotas keep going down? We undertake practical ways of giving back and helping to grow more fish.​

Out third phase is the 'consultative phase'. Its here that we develop a team fishing plan, taking into account the weather, safety, group skill levels, and fishing opportunities available. Its important here to arrive at a plan that involves every one, supports everyone, has the best chance of success and that everyone is comfortable with. Our immediate goal is to provide a feed of fresh fish for the group. Eeling, whitebaiting, floundering, wharf fishing, kayak fishing, shell fish gathering, snorkel dive for seafood, surf casting, kontiki long lining and more.

Our fourth phase is our 'action - connection'  phase. Yep, its here that we get out the rods, nets, spears and whatever else you might need, and go fishing.  It's here also that we take time and remind ourselves that fishing is about making a connection, between yourself, nature and the fish. Right outside The Wharf  Hub, along the river, or just 15 minutes walk, vehicle or boating away are ample opportunities to catch fish.​

And out fifth part is the 'celebration phase' when we come together to share in the days adventure and enjoy a feed of seafood. Smoked fish, marinated fish, steamed fish, shushimi, whitebait and more are all at our doorstep.

'Zeand Fishing' can run twice daily to fit with the optimum fishing times of mornings and evenings.  Start and finish times are slightly flexible but generally 7 to 12 and 2 to 7pm. If you are staying overnight at The Wharf Hub then we can cover parts one, two and three in the evening leaving more time for the action phase the next morning. ​

Cost for the half day Zeand Fishing exprience includes all gear you might need, tuition, baits, use of facilites at The Wharf Hub. $190 per person.

Disclaimer: Water activities always have a higher inherent risk factor attached to them. REAF takes all due care and promotes safe boating and shore fishing practice but accepts no responsibility in the event of any mishap.

Mobile: 027 350 4910

Beautiful tree fringred bays make excellent land based fishing for eelslong line setting

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