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Reaf is also the original old English spelling of reef.

REAF's Mission...
is to
enhance marine life and
human well being.

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Reef modules
Its your connection that counts

Connecting with the ocean through personalized reefs is a do good, feel good experience.

Our module sponsorship certificate displays your name, the GPS coordinates of reef (module) location, and the group or family name of the reef site.

A brief search on the internet will throw up many module designs. Most of these have patents and therefore their use has associated costs. Many are very heavy and require forklifts, cranes and special barges for deployment which adds significantly to the cost.

At REAF we use registered designs that are heavy enough to be self-anchoring on the seabed yet light enough for two people to lift and deploy from recreational fishing craft. The reef is built up by deploying modules down a guide line made from organic sisal rope.

Many designs boast varied advantages. At REAF we have followed scientific research which basically indicates that the more complex the design the more opportunity it offers for enhancing marine life. Intertwining REAF modules form a very complex low profile reef structure for nature to start working with.

Car bodies, washing machines,tyres, etc may have a small effect for a short time but they are considered junk and as such are not acceptable under the NZ Resource Management Act. Indeed it has become innately repellent to even consider using such waste materials.

We do not mix cremation ashes in our cement as this would be culturally insensitive to Maori values and again counter productive to our vision of 'partnership with nature'.

REAF considers deploying reef modules a very purposeful act with specific goals to achieve. The only material really considered acceptable is concrete. We are able to offset its alkalinity with the addition of micro silica mined in Rotorua and use only plant derived cellulose for reinforcing.

We look forward to the time when cement is made in commercial quantities from seawater using the heat energy and carbon dioxide from industrial flues. Reef modules will then become a perfect carbon sink combination.

Names or art work set into the concrete add the 'connection factor' to our reef building efforts. In Maori terminology everything has 'whakapapa' or belonging. Mountains rivers, rocks and seas all are named and have history and connection.
In world religions all things have spirit. At REAF we believe this aspect needs to be nurtured so as to develop in us all a 'culture of conservation'.

We prefer to use natural materials like shells, beach wood and small stones to embed your name and art work into the concrete. Other alternatives like using mirror image 'stamps' made by 3D printers to insert logos or ceramic plaques also exist.

The moulds used by REAF offer enough space for setting personalising materials.


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