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Reaf is also the original old English spelling of reef.

REAF's Mission...
is to
enhance marine life and
human well being.

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Opotiki Community Reef

"The health of a community is directly realted to the amount of seafood consumed"
Professor Nutrition Elaine Rush AUT

Community Reef
Boating and Fishing Tips

Community Reef

Our thanks go to Environment Bay of Plenty Enhancement Funding for supporting the foundation effort of 'seabed enhancement', alternatively known as 'man initiated reefs'. Now we can all give back to sea.

We welcome feedback. Testimonials, pictures and comments can be found on our FaceBook page (Opotiki Community Reef).

May the fish be with you.

The following are brief backgrounders to the reefs clusters deployed and their GPS coordinates..


Deployed March 2009

S 37 58.17'
E 177 17.40'

Dedicated to building International goodwill

Sbsequent deploymetns to be found around the inital cluster site.

Built and deployed by the voluntary efforts of American Field Scholars being hosted by Opotiki families 2008

Reef added to in 2009, 2010, 2011. 2012 and 2013

AFS in Opotiki2008

Bay PolyTech
Marine Studies Reef

Deployed in Recreation dive limits of under 19m

S 37 58.46
E 177 17.02

S 37 58.46
E177 16.97


Started by the Marine Studies group and completed by the Bay PoluTech Fisheries course trainees.

Opotiki Coast Guard REEF

Deployed March 2009

GPS S 37 58.07'
E177 17.17'

Annual subscription to CG just $45 per annum.


A reef built and deployed by a group from the local volunteer Coast Guard. 2 tonnes of complex structure deployed in a tight cluster.

Opotiki Coast Guard construction group

Coalition of the Willing REEF

GPS 37 58.00
E 177 17.37


Group formed of Local Opotiki residents willing to complete the task of module building and deployment.

RahuiRua REEF

E 37 58.31
E 177 18.26

A reef cluster built and deployed by Ngai Tai Iwi . So named because at the time two rahui were in place that affected their ability to gather kai moana

Transition Towns REEF

S 37 58.07
177 17.89

The Transistion Towns movement became active in New Zealand at this time, and forseeing the petrol price rises and peak oil had passed a group wanted to build a reef closer to the boat ramp to ssave on fuel costs.




Privately sponsored help toward enahcning the ecology of the whole Opotiki Community Reef area.
Sometimes in the case of memorial reefs the sponsors ask that the GPS coordinates be kept private,


Artists for the Environment 2008

A mussel shell and NavRiser reef.

A private reef started by a sincere local artist who would like to challenge other artists to 'tautoko' (add to) this reef.
Located at 15 m depth. Closest reef to shore so far. Coordinates availble on request.



A reef sponsored in recognition of adventurous young women.

An open source reef cluster spread over an area.

S 37° 58.000'
E 177° 17.500'

A reef commissioned 28 March 2007.
Used as an early training site, so few modules deployed. Deployment start made 3 April 2007 with just one SeaDrop®. Underwater sonar ecobuoy at centre.
Apx 20m depth.

Its a good feeling to grow more fish

A Memory Reef dedicated to those whose ashes may be scattered at sea but whose energies live on through their offspring.

A reef initiated on 10 July 1999 but took a few years to become a reality.
Completed Nov 25 2007 with over 70 modules deployed.
Contains the first BioLink® ever designed and built.

Dedication Disc lies with enhancing modules

When the entire Opotiki Community Reef area is fully developed it can contain up to 800 individual named and sponsored reef sites. Further enriching additions near to initial deployments can be made at any time.

Boating and Fishing Tips

Fishing man initiated reefs is really no different to fishing natural reef. You do not want to be fishing directly on top of a reef as you could unnecessarily lose tackle to snagging on structure. On arriving at a reef judge your anchoring so as to allow the boat to drift back down onto the edge of the structures.

The less noise you make of course the less likely fish will be spooked. Ease your anchor over the side rather than tossing it to make a big splash.
Similarly if you are motoring further a field then REAF asks that you learn the boundaries of the enhanced fishing reef and give it a wide berth so as to not unnecessarily disturb the area.

Man initiated reefs present ideal territory for using soft bait fishing or jigging techniques that have become popular recently.

Reefs are deployed at 70 - 100m centres leaving plenty of space between for anchoring or just try drift fishing the area. Be mindful of any boat displaying a blue and white dive flag.

As word circulates about a reef fishing particularly well (such stories abound amongst fisher folk), there is a risk of over fishing a spot. REAF asks that you resist such tempting stories and recall that one goal of building a Community Reef is so that we could all be confident of getting a feed of fresh fish forever.

Good boat fishing can be found at Opotiki Community Reef Harvesting is part of the cycle of life


"We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future." - from The Earth Charter.

Many reefs are listed openly on this site and gifted for all to fish on. The entire area is open to fish in. But many people, whanau, and organisations have gone to the trouble and personal expense to deploy enhancement modules that go to make the entire area more productive. They have requested that their reef location be kept private.
Naturally in the defined Opotiki Community Reef area you may come across structures on your depth finder. REAF asks that you be fair minded and don't steal the coordinates. There is ample opportunity for everyone to either fish open source reefs, co-sponsor you own open reef, or take up the Self Build option. (Conditions apply)
Privately listed reefs have allowed the enhancement concept to grow and the whole Community benefits. Reefs are often dedicated to someone and treating them with respect and not fishing them is advised.
REAF promotes giving back to the sea (Moana) as well as harvesting.
All fishers are bound by Ministry of Fishing Regulations.


Mobile: 027 350 4910

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