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Reaf is also the original old English spelling of reef.

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Individualized reef modules
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Individualized reef modules

The reef modules you order are especially built with your art design, initials or name embedded in them. Reef modules are the basic building blocks used in seabed enhancement work, offering surface area and textures for marine life to attach to, areas for juvenile marine life to shelter in and provide a platform for nature to begin the work of reef building.

Buy a new Ipod or such and one of the first things you want to do is personalize it. Reef modules are no different.
In nature there are no two grains of sand the same, even identical twins have their individual traits. And so it should be with reef modules.

Another reason we spend time and energy on personalizing your module is because we believe it imparts something of yourself into the ocean. Individualized modules can be thought of as your gift to the sea.

Put together with other modules to form a unity reef and you have created an effective and energizing point for marine life. Many unity reefs deployed in a consented area create a Community Reef.

Design options.

1. If you are attending one of our Tiaki Moana tours in Opotiki NZ then you have the opportunity to personalize a pumice block, stone ot driftwood for inclusion in a reef.

2. If you have attended one of our workshops (voyages) then you will make and personalize a reef module yourself.

3. If you attend one of our promotional days you will have the opportunity to create your own sand tray design that we photograph and replicate as best we can.

4. Or you can specify on the internet order form below the initials or letters you want on your module and we will create it for you, photograph it and include it on your certificate.

Reef modules order form

Your full name

The reef building modules below are suitable for initials or embedding your name of choice on. They are in effect man made rocks and contain crevices, textures that marine life can utilize.






Guide notes (if any) on your design idea



Cray Havens

cray haven

This module is a tapered cavern especially suited to our social kiwi crayfish species. It is personalized with tiles cemented on after casting or a long lasting ceramic photo plaque.

Alternatively email us a special photo that we will have made into a ceramic tile to be glued onto CrayHaven exterior.

PAYMENT - Internet Payment can be made via PayPal or Bank of New Zealand transfer. PayPal accepts VISA, Master Card and American Express credit cards.
You do not need to be a registered with PayPal.
You can ask for a quote beforehand. All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include taxes. If you are converting from another currency then we accept any slight exchange rate variables.
Submit this form. We will reply with a letter that icludes payment links for you to use. If you want to make an immediate payment then a REAF PayPal button is below.

Thank you for your order and taking this step for the environment.

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