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Reaf is also the original old English spelling of reef.

REAF's Mission...
is to
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human well being.

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Legacy REAF's

Every reef has a story

There are many good reasons to consider sponsoring a reef system. A named certificated 'Legacy REAF'© with its own GPS centre will record you as one with the foresight looking to a new era of working in partnership with nature.

There are four main ways you can build or sponsor a Legacy REAF.

  1. Purchasing a consented deployment zone and submitting a plan to create, build and deploy your own designed Legacy REAF. Naturally we are here to help out along the way if requested. Certificated plots cost $990.

  2. Of course there are some who may want to deploy a Legacy REAF to remember a loved one. It will be there for friends and family to enjoy now and for decades to come.
    In other places they are often known as Memorial Reefs or Eternal Reefs.
    Additional reef material can be added by future generations.Ceramic or bronze plaques and time pyramids can be included.

  3. A social group, Company, Organisation can pay for REAF company to build, personalise and deploy a Legacy REAF on your behalf. Legacy REAFs come with their very own plotted seabed area, full naming rights and certification. Costs vary according to the amount of material added.

    All Legacy REAFs include features such as:

Legacy REAFs are personalized by with at least 50 % of reef modules named, or through art work set in the concrete and by imprinting logos.

Legacy REAF's are commonly depoyed on untreated wood pallets, modules are of handcast complex marine enhancing materials weighing about 3 tonnes in all.

Personalizing extras can include Time Pyramid reef module with a USB stick full of images (placed inside a plastic container).
Or photo ceramic tiles. Cast bronze plaques can also be set in concrete modules.

Ceramic DedicationDisc set in concrete
USB memory stck and time pyramids

Please note that Legacy REAFs do not incorporate cremation ashes into concrete as this would be considered culturally inappropriate in Aotearoa and contrary to marine enhancement efforts as we currently understand them.

Holding a boating dedication ceremony above a reef built in memory of a loved one is very appropriate.

Far from being a static monument, a Legacy REAF is a living entity.

See Green Gifts for our module designs and costs. As a basic guide to cost, a standard Legacy REAF cluster containing personalized reef modules and weighing around three tonnes costs around $9,850. This includes the registered GPS deployment centre complete with certification.

Start up specials
Sponsors of Legacy REAFs are additionally eligible for

  • up to 3 nights free accommodation for two at The Wharf Hub (next to the Opotiki Wharf and Boat Ramp)
  • a free boat trip (can be a dedication service) to the Legacy REAF deployment location.
  • Personalized Legacy REAF Certificates for contributing members.

Phone now to discuss building a Legacy REAF. Free quotes available on request.

Mobile: 027 350 4910

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