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Reaf is also the original old English spelling of reef.

REAF's Mission...
is to
enhance marine life and
human well being.

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Blue-green gifts for life.

Gifts designed to last 100 years

Named reef modules
Time pyramids and more
Order blue-green gifts online

Make the ocean special for friends by gifting a reef module that will be personalized for them.

Giving blue-green marine gifts make perfect sense, they are good for the environment and people feel good about receiving them.

What better way of encouraging your child's interest in the sea than by giving them a special blue-green gift for their birthday.

Our attractive sponsorship certificate will be sent as a pdf document or for an little extra posted as a laminated hard copy to your nominated friend.
It comes complete with GPS coordinates shown so perhaps it might become a fishing spot they will visit one day.

Time Pyramids

For a very different gift, consider a personalized time pyramid. Inside we can encase a USB stick with lots of family pictures or just a printed scroll of pictures.
If you are a group, consider enclosing your group photo and make the GPS mark your groups special spot in the sea.

All prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars and include NZ taxes, all materials, module construction, concrete curing, module deployment and compliance costs.

REAF keeps all email addresses and correspondence confidential.

Order blue-green gifts online

Your full name

The reef building modules below are suitable for initials or embedding your name of choice on. They are in effect man made rocks and contain crevices, textures that marine life can utilize.








Cray Havens

cray haven

This module is a tapered cavern especially suited to our social crayfish species. It is personalized with tiles cemented on after casting or with a ceramic photo plaque made from a picture you email us.

Name(s) to go onto Certificate

PAYMENT - Internet Payment can be made via PayPal or by bank transfer to our Bank of New Zealand account. PayPal accepts VISA, Master Card and American Express credit cards.
You do not need to be a registered with PayPal. All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include taxes. If you are converting from another currency then we accept any slight exchange rate variables.
Submit this form and we will acknowledge with a replyemail that has PayPal and our bank details plus any clarification that might be needed. For payment follow our web link buttons in the email, or for a quick payment use the Paypal link below.
Thank you for your order and taking this step for the environment

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Allowing for International time differences, we aim to acknowledge your order within 24 hrs.

Mobile: 027 350 4910

Enhancing structures deployed on seabed seen via sonarTime pyramids make a great lifelong gift.
Ceramic photo embedded in reef disc


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