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Reaf is also the original old English spelling of reef.

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Reef Deployment

"Its the putting right that counts" L V Martin

One early focus of REAF was to develop a system by which local fishermen could build a reef in their own back yard (when it was too rough to go fishing) and deploy it from their own 5 to 6m vessel without the use of divers.

This system has been successfully achieved and the resultant reefs built are proving stable and continue to be productive. Video and more information is available on all that REAF has developed. See our FaceBook site.

New options for cluster reef deployment from a larger boat are envisaged in 2016. This will enable pre arranging the reef modules on an untreated wood pallet, ready for deployment. The effectiveness of the reef should be greatly enhanced. Team work is called for on land and at sea.

Deployment of the reef modules offers room for creativity. Calm sea and low wind conditions are called for on deployment days. In Opotiki large high pressure systems often create ideal conditions. For safety reasons, being able to wait for those windows of opportunity is important.

Because of this and delays, marine work becomes much more expensive to undertake than land based work. We have estimated a factor in the price of a reef module to include deployment costs.

At present we are reliant on volunteer suporter help with deployment. If this sounds like you then the first step is to Register. In the registration form there is a space for you to indicate your ability and willingness to help out.

We are always pleased to get more reef material deployed.

Mobile: 027 350 4910

Deployed modules on the seabed.
Youth get involved with deployment
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