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Reaf is also the original old English spelling of reef.

REAF's Mission...
is to
enhance marine life and
human well being.

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REAF vision

REAF is licensed to deploy marine enhancing structures on the seabed. Nature uses these to create an enhanced seabed area and improved fishery. But there's much more depth to the story if we want to create a truly sustainable resource.

For eons the sea has been seen as a resource to exploit. Wild fisheries has been in decline worldwide for decades now. Recreational catch limits are still being cut. Headlines such as 'Bay of Empty' are all too common.

REAF examines what the deeper unlying basis to this decline could be and also offers a portal so that anyone from anywhere can help in a process of restoring the balance of marine life abundance in our seas. (NZ Maori : kia wharite - restoring the balance).

In a clam shell, in giving back to the sea we establish a new partnership of reciprocity. It acknowledges our oneness with the sea and it's life within.

If fundamentally changing how we view the sea is not enough, then we also list 15 more compelling reasons why you, others and organizations should get involved with deploying reef structures on which nature can build.

While this pioneering project has launched from a small coastal New Zealand town, the principles it uses are universal in their application. With your help we hope to establish a model for all the world to see.

You can start helping by registering free (Reef Supporter - friends of marine life).
Later you might consider sponsoring a reef module (Reef module sponsor - connect with marine life), and even build an entire named reef system. (Legacy REAF - partner with marine life).

Reef deployment is a win-win feel good interaction that cements a partnership of mutuality with marine life. It is to take a step on a journey toward creating a true 'culture of conservation'.

Some things cannot be learnt from reading or the internet. Come and stay with us at The Wharf Hub, catch the spirit of what we do through our accommodation, voyages and workshops.

Feel free to dive around our web site, ask questions and please get involved.

May the fish be with you.


Mobile: 027 350 4910

Po look out over the community reef
Kingfish hover over a man initiated reef
New Zealand Maori fishing from a canoe

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